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Solochain Integration

For a solochain that wants to integrate with hyperbridge all that is required is to configure either the BEEFY consensus client or GRANDPA consensus client and set hyperbridge as the coprocessor.

Consensus Relayer

A solochain requires a consensus relayer to send consensus updates between Hyperbridge and itself. Tesseract consensus relayer is built to handle this.

Beefy or Grandpa

Choosing between Beefy and GRANDPA is just a matter of preference, BEEFY is a much leaner consensus client to maintain with a little finality lag since it piggy packs on top of GRANDPA. A GRANDPA consensus client would offer reduced latency as GRANDPA finalizes before BEEFY.

Connecting to Hyperbrige as a Solochain

In your runtime you should add Hyperbridge as a Coprocessor and add a GRANDPA or BEEFY Consensus client to the list of supported clients, whichever client is added would determine the mode the consensus relayer would operate.

The host state machine should reflect the consensus protocol of the solochain either GRANDPA or BEEFY and it must be unique to every solochain connected to Hyperbridge. Every other configuration detail remains unchanged as described in the previous sections

    parameter_types! {
        // The hyperbridge parachain on Polkadot
        pub const Coprocessor: Option<StateMachine> = Some(StateMachine::Polkadot(3367));
        // The host state machine of this pallet, this must be unique to all every solochain
        pub const HostStateMachine: StateMachine = StateMachine::Grandpa(*b"solo"); // your unique chain id here
    impl pallet_ismp::Config for Runtime {
        // configure the runtime event
        type RuntimeEvent = RuntimeEvent;
        // Permissioned origin who can create or update consensus clients
        type AdminOrigin = EnsureRoot<AccountId>;
        // The state machine identifier for this state machine
        type HostStateMachine = HostStateMachine;
        // The pallet_timestamp pallet
        type TimestampProvider = Timestamp;
        // The currency implementation that is offered to relayers
        type Currency = Balances;
        // The balance type for the currency implementation
        type Balance = Balance;
        // Router implementation for routing requests/responses to their respective modules
        type Router = Router;
        // Optional coprocessor for incoming requests/responses
        type Coprocessor = Coprocessor;
        // Supported consensus clients
        type ConsensusClients = (
            // Add the grandpa or beefy consensus client here
        // Optional merkle mountain range overlay tree, for cheaper outgoing request proofs.
        // You most likely don't need it, just use the `NoOpMmrTree`
        type Mmr = NoOpMmrTree<Runtime>;
        // Weight provider for local modules
        type WeightProvider = ();
    construct_runtime! {
        // ...
        Ismp: pallet_ismp